Hailing from Parts Unknown, Whitewall Jones is one of the most intense and physically impressive competitors to ever appear on the Music Video Production scene.

Making his debut in 1987, Whitewall quickly captured the attention of the music video production universe with his amazing physique, brightly painted face and aggressive directing style. While most directors slowly walked to the production set, Whitewall would sprint full speed down the entrance ramp and run circles around the ring before shaking the ropes like a man possessed…

That sounds much more entertaining than what you’re about to read. My name is Frank Grumeretz and I am a music video director. I have owned a video production company for about 9 years. It’s called Turning Point Productions and they do corporate and event video. I studied at film Columbia College Chicago. I’ve done some pretty cool stuff with some pretty cool people. Whitewall Jones is kind of like an alter ego where I can be creative and it’s a tad easier to pronounce than Grumeretz. I really dig making music videos or taking photos for artists and I’d be happy to talk about your project. Send me an email at getsome [at] whitewalljones.com or give me a call at 630.709.3845.