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We present for your music video viewing pleasure, the Master of Motion Pictures, the King of Kickassery, the Apex of Awesome, the Villian of Video… ha, I’ve always wanted to do that ever since I saw Rocky IV when Apollo Creed enters the ring to fight Drago. Now that was an entrance. Subsequently, this blog post falls a bit short I fear. No James Brown, no “exploding” bull’s head and no exquisite afro-sheen. However, my friends, I am a humble music video director here at your disposal to create something for your band that will kick some major ass. I can give your project that professional Hollywood look while working with your starving artist budget. Somewhat, he he.

Whitewall Jones, Fine Music Videos is a Chicago based music video production company. We can also help you out with other stuff if you need that too. Things like graphic design, social media marketing and promotional videos or band bios. Or maybe you just need a couple more cool ass mofos to add to your circle of friends. We can probably work something out there.

Send us an email and tell us about your project. Head over to the Get Some section or just email us at


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